About Nyoka

Puberty can be a daunting time for many of us. We often feel confused, scared and ashamed. Many did not have anyone to speak to or to explain exactly what was happening to them.

There is a lot of stigma, misinformation and myths surrounding menstruation but it is time to break this cycle! Meet Nyoka... 

Nyoka is a very bright 10 year old girl, full of energy and always laughing. She has plenty of friends and is always a helping hand with her friends, teachers and family.

Nyoka enjoys school and although Mathematics is not her favourite subject, she enjoys sports and is always elated when she has a PE lesson. Her teachers are always putting her forward for competitions and she usually comes back with medals!

Unlike many young girls, Nyoka has been taught about everything that happens during puberty. She has been taught not to be embarrassed, but embrace every step of the way. However, when Nyoka shares with a friend that she has started her period, she is told somethings she has never heard before. Will this make her question everything she has been taught?


Images illustrated by @heyimsakina